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1) Where are you based?

- The DCP Health Head Office is based at 209 Barry Hertzog Avenue in Emmarentia (Johannesburg), but we have DCP Health Distributors throughout South Africa. We courier and correspond through phone / e-mail as well, so all South African clientele can be serviced.

2) Is this a diet?

- No, this is not a diet. Although we do provide you with food / menu options. We are a health company, first and foremost, so we use the power of food to help restore your health, organs and systems, while at the same time, allowing you to lose weight / size and transform your body into the best version of itself.

3) How much weight can I lose?

- The amount of weight you lose is dependent on your condition / lifestyle / devotion to the programme. We have seen some incredible results after just one programme, so we are able to help anyone in need of a body restoration and / or weight / size loss.

4) How many programmes will it take to reach my goal weight / state of health?

- We have a number of programmes / programme series to accommodate your needs. All is dependent on your goals and what you wish to accomplish. We provide programmes to get you to your goal as quickly as possible. Whether you are looking to lose 5kg’s or 40+ kg’s, we will do what it takes to get you there. As far as our programme series, such as ‘Go Alkaline’ or ‘Shape Shifter’, they are generally 4-steps (programmes) in each series.

5) How long are the programmes? What are the programme durations?

- The duration of the programmes are between 5 to 14 Days. Each client has different bodies / goals / weights, so the programmes are selected based on the needs of the client.

6) There are so many programs, where do I start and do I have to complete every program?

- The way to start with DCP Health is book yourself a consultation with one of our distributors online or through phone. From there, you will participate in a 1-on-1 consultation, where you will fill out our screening form, which documents your lifestyle / afflictions / goals / etc., where from there, we will assess your form and then recommend the best programme for you Every client has different goals in mind, so that will depend which programmes the client will be one. We want you to reach your goals as quickly as possible! We are a company which strives on results.

7) Do I have to do the Go Alkaline programs? I’d like to get straight to the Shape Shifter programs.

- The ‘Go Alkaline’ programme series is not required always. Although, the ‘Step 1’ programme of the ‘Go Alkaline’ series is our most comprehensive programme, it is not mandatory. After analyzing your screening form, we provide you with the best programme to reach the best results for you.

8)Do you provide the meals / nutrition for the programmes?

- When you buy a programme, you will be provided with the recipes and ingredients for all menu options in the programme. We also provide meals for the ‘Go Alkaline’ Step 1 & Step 2 programmes through our sister company, DCP Delicious.

9) Why do we need to do a consultation / screening?

- As each person / body is different, the consultation / screening is essential to understanding where our client is, what they are looking to accomplish and it will give us a view on how we can help to reach their goal. The screening also documents eating / life habits as well as informs us of your current life and any medical afflictions that may ail you.

10) Is a screening consultation mandatory?

- Yes, screening consultation is mandatory. We pride ourselves on helping each client with their specific goals / needs in mind. The screening form allows us a snapshot into your lifestyle and allows us to provide you with the best programme. Customized for your needs!

11) Do I have to come in personally for the screening process?

- No, screening process can be done online, but it is best to see one of our DCP Health Distributors as they have knowledge, information and can provide personal assistance to you, as all distributors have completed DCP Health programmes. 

12) Is there weekly follow ups once I start, if so what are the costs?

- There are no costs for follow ups after you start. The DCP Health Distributor you deal with will provide you with all the information and support.

13) Will I put on the weight if I discontinue the program?

- No, you will NOT gain the weight back IF you follow the advice / information we provide you with. We want our clients to reach their goals and keep them for the rest of their lives. If they continue to follow the information / principles of DCP Health then they will maintain a healthy body / lifestyle. If the client chooses to go back the food that got them in a bad state, then YES, you will gain the weight back.

14) Will I be able to maintain my weight loss after the programme? How?

- Yes, absolutely! That is our modus operandi. To provide people with the information and know-how to maintain their healthy habits for the rest of their lives. We provide you with information and even recipe books for you to continue on your journey! Your success is our goal!

15) Is DCP safe for children? 

- Yes! DCP Is definitely safe for children. We are excited to help any young people start their journey of health and well-being.

16) Can I get a discount if I book the screening / consultation as a family?

- Yes, we do supply discounts for families who book screening / consultations In large groups. The fee will be adjusted depending on your family size.

17) I’d prefer to keep my identity private, is this possible?

- Yes, absolutely. No client information is ever provided to anybody else unless stated by client through verbal / written permission to use their results, picture, or information in any way.

18) What are the portion sizes for the programmes? Are we (clients) limited to a specified amount?

- Clients are NOT restricted to portion sizes when following the DCP Health menu. We provide you with healthy meal choices in order for you to enjoy!

19) Will I be able to smoke / drink alcohol on the programmes?

- No, you will NOT be able to smoke / drink on the programmes. 

20) I’m a vegetarian / vegan, will the programmes be able to accommodate my lifestyle?

- Yes, we are able to provide programmes for those who are vegan. Our products are comprised of fruits, veggies, herbs and spices, so they do not interfere with the vegan lifestyle. We also provide alternatives for protein options in our menu choices.

21) Will I be hungry on liquid days?

- No, you shouldn’t feel hungry on the liquid (detox) days. The solutions we give you provide all the nutritional benefits the body needs for the day, but some clients do find it difficult to break the routine of daily eating so they do feel that emotional comfort of food through their day. So we do provide 4 ‘Detox Rescue Foods’ in the programme if you do feel like you absolutely NEED something to eat.

22) Will I be hungry during the programme?

- No, you will not be hungry during the programmes. Our recipes and solutions provide you with all the nourishment your body needs during the day. Some clients find it difficult to change their routine and also having that ‘emotional hug’ we get from our food throughout the day is, at times, hard for some clients to do.

23) Are there cheat days? 

- No, no cheat days! Cheaters are never winners!

24) I love sweet stuff, how will DCP help me with my sugar cravings?

- We understand the joy in sugar and the sweet treats that bring short term joy, so we provide you with natural healthy snacks that will fulfill your sweet tooth.

25) When is it fine to eat the “DCP rescue foods”?

- It is fine to eat the ‘Rescue Foods’ on your detox days of the programme. Food is an emotional experience, so we know there are tough times, so we provide you with 4 ‘Rescue Food’ options to help you if you feel low throughout the detox aspect of the programme.


26) Do I need to exercise every day? 

- Our programmes encourage light exercise (walking / pilates / yoga).

27) Am I allowed to exercise on the programme?

- Yes, you can, but only the exercises suggested by the DCP Health Team. While on our programmes, your body is going through a major transformation as far as restoring your health, so we do not suggest heavy / rigorous exercise. But rather low impact exercises such as; walking, light jogging, Pilates and yoga.

28) I love my cycling class and do cross fit twice a week, will this help me lose better on DCP?

- No, they will not help. During the DCP Health programmes, your body is going through a number of internal processes that require the body’s full attention and energy. Exercise like cycling and cross fit will actually cause you to gain weight (muscle) and it will also drain you of important energy needed for your body to restore, so we only encourage light exercise.


29) Will I lose muscle mass on the programme?

- No, you will not lose muscle mass on the programme. Our programmes are designed for body optimization through our solutions and menu options. We want you to be able to maintain and enjoy your life through our healthy choices / lifestyle advice.

30) I am happy with my body but I’d like to shape and tone my hip, arms and thighs, which program can I do? 


- There are a number of programmes that you can do to reduce the ‘problem’ areas in your body. DCP Health Programmes are designed to remove the excess fat and adipose tissue and restore your body to its natural shape / type.

31) I have a special / serious medical condition, is DCP safe for me?


- Yes. We have provided programmes to people with a wide variety of ailments / afflictions / conditions.

32) I have serious medical issues, will the DCP programmes be suitable for me?


- Yes, we are able to help almost anyone even through their medical issues. We have treated hundreds of clients who suffer from major medical afflictions.

33) Do I still continue taking medication when I am on the DCP Health programmes?


- Yes, absolutely. You MUST inform us of the medication you are on (information given at the screening / consultation) and you MUST CONTINUE to take the medication prescribed by your doctor. The DCP Health Programmes can assist in helping your ailments / afflictions but we do not interfere with your prescription.

34) Do we have to stick to the DCP Health Recipes or can we provide and use our own recipes?


- No, you cannot use your own recipes. The DCP Health food choices are all calculated and based on providing optimal health benefits and the absorption of such benefits through the improvement of your body’s organs / systems / and circulation.

35) When eating fruit / vegetables on pre-detox, are we allowed to mix fruit / veg?

- No, you are not to mix fruits / vegetables on the ‘Pre-Detox’ menu. You are to keep food groups separately as it aids digestion and is an essential process of the ‘Pre-Detox’ aspect of the DCP Health Programmes.

36) How should we (clients) eat after completing a programme?


- After completing any of the DCP Programmes, you are encouraged to eat according to the DCP Health ‘Pre-Detox’ Menu, which is provided in each DCP Health Programme.

37) Do you distribute nationally?


- Yes, we distribute nationally. We have DCP Health Distributors throughout South Africa and if we are unable to accommodate your area, we can still communicate through the phone / e-mail. Packages are also couriered nationally through FASTWAY COURIERS.

38) I am travelling overseas, can I travel with my products?

- Unfortunately, you cannot travel with our products. Due to strict airline flight regulations, it will be difficult to transport overseas as our solutions are in liquid form.

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