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DCP Health is a weight loss / nutrition company created to provide people with the healthiest, natural weight loss available. Being in operation for the past 10 years in South Africa, we have seen 120,000kg of weight loss, over 2.18km (over 218,000cm) in size loss and the completion of over 15,000+ Detox Programmes with a 99% success rate!


We at DCP provide our clients with a variety of programmes that are customized and tailored to the specific needs for your body type and medical conditions. The products we provide are all natural derived from the resources of the earth.


The team at DCP is motivated and concerned with the well-being of our clients, and wants to provide a better service for world health. Through your process, we will be there to provide any assistance you may need. We are proud of the service we provide and want to see you get well and get the results you hope for.


It took some time to get you to where you are now, but the DCP programmes will provide you with the quickest, healthiest programmes for you to achieve your goal of healthy nutrition and good looks. We have had countless incredible transformations and success stories and we are working for more.


We look forward to being a part of your process.


Through both of our hard work, we hope to see the success you have always wanted.

Click Here on how you can get started and click Here for our FAQs! 


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To All the Medical Doctors, Homeopaths, Pharmacists, Nurses, Medical Professionals and Holistic Practitioners that have participated successfully in completing our programmes.


To the Ministers of Government that have completed our programmes


On reaching over 120,000kg of Weight Loss over the last 10 Years.

For reaching over 2.18km of size loss in 10 years.

On the completion of over 15,000 Detox Programmes with a 99% Success Rate

For you continuous love, warmth, & support, even through exhausting times

For all the referrals of all new clients including your family, friends, clients, and colleagues

For our mutual respect we share and the transformation journeys we were fortunate to have taken

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