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“Hi to All  I'm 27 and a mom of 2 😁 My DCP Journey started in August 2018, prior to that I tried literally everything to shed this weight, not just post baby weight but bad habit weight to. I asked a friend of mine to help me because I didn't know what to do anymore and she referred me to Siraj , I made an appointment the very next day , and started my journey to a healthier lifestyle that week. 2 months into my programs I lost roughly 9 kgs and 6months after I gradually lost close to 15 kgs , I dropped from 72kg to 57kgs ,my actual weight before having my kiddies, I will absolutely never go back to my old habits again, I am a regular at DCP at least twice a month , not just for weight loss but their products are incredible for my skin and hair to... I cannot thank Siraj enough for what he has done, I have never felt this good in my entire life, I fell in-love with DCP and their healthier way of losing weight and living life. The support is incredible and I'll be a DCP client for as long as I can.. Thank you DCP team from the bottom of my heart.”

Fatima Fernandes


“I’m a 60 year old woman suffering from Multiple Myaloma (Cancer in the Bone Marrow).  Ever since I was diagnosed 20 months ago I have gained 10kg through Medication and Chemo.  No matter how I’ve tried to shed off those kilos it was impossible.  In April this year I tried cutting out all Carbs and Starch out of my diet. I did this for six weeks and did not lose a single gram, much to my dismay.  I’ve never been a person that struggled with my weight and I felt very uncomfortable, self conscious and depressed.

My son and daughter-in-law started the DCP weight loss Programme three months ago, and as weeks passed by they started to look amazing with all the weight they had lost.  I decided to give it a bash.  Going on a diet wasn’t something I was used to, so I thought this was going to be some challenge.

I visited the DCP office and the people there where absolutely wonderful and friendly. I got interviewed and they took into account my Medical condition before giving me a programme that would well suite me.   In the beginning I had find it very difficult.  Being Continental, our foods are very fatty, full of Carbs and Starch and not very healthy. But two weeks into my programme I got used to the way of eating healthy meals and found it not so bad at all and I coped very well much to my surprise. My diet Programme changed as I went along.  Now six weeks down the line I have finally reached my goal weight, I’ve lost my 10kg!!!

Thanks to DCP who have not only helped me in losing weight but also helped me in learning how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle.  Thank you DCP”

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Yasmin Mia

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“I started working alongside my brother Siraj at DCP 4 years ago, I weighed a whopping 84kgs at the time.  I thought that I would need to lose a “little weight” because each time I looked in the mirror, I convinced myself that I did not look that bad. 

At this time, I had already been diagnosed with having a blood disorder about 20 years ago and was also taking medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol.  Even though Siraj tried to get me to understand the importance of eating healthy so that I would not only look better but more importantly feel healthier, he just could not get through to me. Out of his deep respect for me as his older sister, he was patient and year upon year tried to convince me to do the Go Alkaline programs and encouraged me to learn to eat the right food.  I still did not listen.  One day I sat in when Siraj explained to a group of people what the DCP Weight loss Programme and the importance of choosing a Healthy Lifestyle is and it was then that It finally sank in.  

I started soon after that, and slowly the weight started falling off.  My love for chocolate made my journey difficult and I “fell off the wagon” many times. Siraj’s patience was never exhausted. I know I caused him much frustration, but I am happy to say that I have lost a total of 16kgs. The hematologist is extremely happy with my weight loss and my blood levels are stable, my high blood medication has been reduced and I no longer have a cholesterol problem. My energy levels has improved I feel better than I have in a long time.  Now that my body is in an Alkaline state, the minute I eat something that is bad for me … my body lets me know, its pretty amazing.

The greatest compliment I have been receiving is that I am thought to be in the early to mid 50’s when in fact I am 66 years old.
Thanks to my darling brother Siraj who has not only helped me in losing weight but also helped me in learning how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle.  I am extremely grateful Siraj… Thank you!”

Melissa Fernandes


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“I have always been in the best shape of my life and because of it I decided to venture into the personal training business. It became my lifestyle. I was extremely happy with how I was until I had a knee injury and needed surgery. After the surgery I just couldn’t get myself back into it and lost my will to work out and diet. I picked up 12 kgs in the process. I was extremely unhappy and depressed and became a recluse. I was not happy going into public.

This lasted for 4 years and I finally decided to do something about it. I heard about DCP Health through a family member of mine and thought it was something I had to try because of the results she achieved. I can honestly say it was the best thing I have ever done.


I have dropped 8kgs and look forward to losing my last 2kg to reach my goal. I got my life back and I am so excited to buy clothes and to go out knowing that I am old self again. The weight loss was amazing but the diet also helped me to realise what I was doing wrong all those years. Even having the background as a personal trainer I still chose the wrong options.

DCP has educated me in a new way of eating… a new way of life. I have the utmost confidence in this programme and know that I will never get back to the way I was. I would like to thank Siraj and the DCP team from the bottom of my heart. You have helped me become a better me and for that I will be forever thankful!

Busi Gumede


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“DCP has been proven to be the most effective as a healthy life plan, which offers the best health / weight management programmes I’ve experienced.

I have never believed in weight-loss programmes, but having personally been on the Detox Cleansing Programme, I can proudly say that I have lost 16kg in only six weeks! Having dropped from a pants size 12 to a size 8! I must stress, however, that you have to be committed to the programme – cheating, by eating forbidden foods or skipping the prescribed method, will slow the results.


DCP has taught me about good diet as to what / when / how to eat, what and how food effects the body, challenged my mind set and new revelations were revealed about health / diet through the completion of the programmes. It is not a diet, but it’s easily become a lifestyle. In my home, everyone (including my kids and husband) has adopted the DCP Health lifestyle!


For a healthy life or to add 10 years to yours, DCP is your key!”

Taryn Calaca


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"HI my name is Taryn, I am 28 years old and a mom to 1.


Before I started my Dcp journey I battled to fall pregnant and after going to all doctors and doing all kinds of treatment I was told I had high insulin levels as well as P.c.o.s, after high school I just gained so much weight and tried everything but couldn't get rid of it. I then went for help to have my daughter and still struggled with my weight.


Donne introduced me to DCP and I went the next day and met up with Siraj and started my go alkaline program. I started at 73kg and am now done to 62kg and have never felt to good in such a long time. Thank you so much to Siraj and team for showing me how to be healthy and happy again. "

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Tracey Fin

Transformation with Celiac Disease

“It is with such relief and gratitude I sincerely thank Siraj for assisting in taking the time to help me.


It took over 4 years for doctors to finally diagnose me. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease which brought on by trauma and other aspects took over my life.


I was extremely ill often spending weeks on end in bed not being able to move in pain. Dieticians advised on "gluten free "option would be my only way of restoring health. This worked for a while but I still was struggling. One would be with a terrible rash I would come out in.

On meeting Siraj I honestly felt very low at that time. But I did see what remarkable results there where with a friend of mine. I wasn't there for any weight loss but for hope in someone could assist to help me be the person I am! I am a go getter!


Siraj pointed out that some foods although "gluten free“ were causing severe inflammation. And some are just loaded with unhealthy substitutes.


Along with specific tonics and clarity on best foods. My life has changed! I do understand there is no cure for autoimmune. But I have no pain and I can function. Thank you so much Siraj.”

Before Pregnancy: 59kg

During Prenancy: 67kg

Baby's Birth Weight: 2.8kg

2 weeks After Pregnancy: 58kg


"Falling pregnant couldn’t have been easier with the support from DCP. I have being a client and supplier of DCP for over 4 years and what a blessing it has being to my clients and myself. I fell pregnant the beginning of the year weighing 59kg. I am 36 years old and this is my first baby.  I am thankfully fit and healthy and not only assist others but use the knowledge of DCP in my own life. I only picked up less than a 1kg a month and felt amazing throughout. I had the occasional days of been tired but besides that didn’t feel pregnant at all!  My skin glowed; my hair shinned and had minimal water retention. Emotionally I was completely stable throughout and even after the baby was born.  I carried full term, I had a C-Section medically advised and surprisingly I recovered remarkable well or is that a surprise! I lost all 8kg in less than 2 weeks. My tummy is firm after less than 2 months and has no loose skin or stretch marks. This probably sounds too good to be true, it however is really down to what you put in the body and how you maintain a positive outlook towards yourself. Consistency is key! Thank you DCP for been part of my lifeJ Adding life to your years is what it is about……"

Sabrina Ganter

Seshni Reddy


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“Walking through my first experience with DCP must be by far my best experience for the restoration of my body and health. Having heard about DCP health for several years, I really needed help after having a complicated pregnancy and the trouble behind gaining weight & lack of energy.

Thanks to THE DCP GO ALKALINE 4 Magical Step Programme my life has changed 360 degrees. I found the Programme easy to do with the simple steps to follow with guidance was well assured that I would be successful. I feel fantastic.

My kg loss and centimetre loss was less important to the payoff of energy and enthusiasm I feel for new challenges.  I would never look back on my previous lifestyle since it caused me immense frustration. Not only do I feel phenomenal look it to.”



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“Big B”, “Big show” and “Heavy B” are just some of the names I was called by friends and family. My love for “comfort” food over powered me and somehow blinded me over the years. Before starting the DCP programme my energy levels was extremely low, I was constantly tired and could not take walks without being out of breathe and having to take a seat. My lower back was in excruciating pain, my family firmly believed I would have a heart attack or stroke within the next few months.

My turning point was my twin girls, I looked at them and realized that if I don’t stop this destructive behaviour on my health I will not be around to see their 5th birthday. I started the DCP Programme on the 5th of  June 2017 at 138.5kg. The journey was not easy as my craving for food was strong and I recall at times feeling lonely, one of the things that got me through was the DCP book as its stated that the feeling of loneliness is due to my separation from food. My 1st milestone was at my 1st weigh in after I started the detox programme, I loss 6 kg’s in the 1st step! That weigh in gave me the will power to continue. After the detox programme, I knew there was no turning back.

At the end of step 4, my weigh in was 112 kg. Through the DCP programme I have managed to lose a remarkable 26.5 KG within a space of 3 months. I no longer suffer from back pain, and for the 1st time in 7 years can bend and walk without losing my breath.

My friends now call me “Medium B”. My goal weight is 99 KG by the end of September 2017.

Thank you DCP for placing me on a healthy road to life!"


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"Prior to me being on the DCP Health programmes, I was always lethargic, suffered from acne, increased facial hair, and I had a constant craving for anything with sugar. This was as a result of being diagnosed as insulin resistant. I picked up weight much faster than an average person and the weight just loved to sit on my tummy.

That all changed when I made a conscious decision to change my life around. I started eating slightly healthier and being religious when it came to exercise and I was happy. I had lost some weight, however, it stopped right there. As much as I exercised and ate what I thought were the right foods, I could never reach my goal weight.  This all changed with the help of DCP. From the very first step of DCP, I immediately felt and saw a difference. I had no side effects, unlike with other detoxes and I was full of energy. I lost more than my goal weight and even more in centimetres!

I was able to lose enough weight and reverse my insulin resistance symptoms!


When I went for my scheduled visit to the Doctor, she was so amazed at how I looked, the progress I had made in losing weight and more importantly my overall health.

After feeling and seeing the positive effects of this programme I was sold on DCP products. I ended up contacting Siraj to become a DCP distributor as I now have this need and passion to help others become a better version of themselves.

I would highly recommend DCP to anyone who just needs to feel beautiful inside and out and to take back control of their lives!"




“Hi.... my name is Shaa'ista , I've never felt healthier and lighter since starting the programme.  It's been an amazing transformation while learning healthier eating habits. For the past 14 years I've struggled with weight including health issues that contributed to my weight issues, it was an endless struggle to find something that was conveniently manageable and guaranteed to give me the results I wanted. Fatima is always so helpful and always there to offer motivation, advise or just be a listening ear. Her services are impeccable.”


Lost 12.5kg on 'Go Alkaline'


“It’s a brilliant eating plan to be on… a healthy one. YES, You DO have to be determined and focused, but it is the easiest and most effective diet programme I’ve come across. I lost 12.5kg while having big portions. The recipes are also unique and delicious! Thank you Siraj for always making me feel so welcome and special every time I walked through the door. Feeling healthier and positive!”

Basheer Sarwan



"I was overweight, lethargic and at 120kgs I was experiencing pain in my knees and legs. One day while walking up a flight of stairs, I experienced severe pain. This was the turning point in my life where I decided that I needed to do something drastic and I needed a lifestyle change immediately. 

I met Siraj and started my journey on the DCP weight loss programme. I lost 7.7kg on Step 1 and that motivated me to continue. My wife also joined me on this programme which made it easier for both of us to work towards losing our weight together.  

After Step 4, I had lost almost 17kgs and I was on top of the world. I started Shape Shifter 1 and 2 as I wanted to lose that extra weight for our upcoming High School 30th Reunion. Those steps helped me to lose the weight and I was happy with being under 100kgs finally.

Gone are the days where I need to use my sleep apnoea machine. Snoring is a thing of the past!

Jazakallah to DCP and Siraj for giving me a new lease on life. "


Tayyeba Sarwan


"I started my DCP weight loss journey through default. You see my husband decided that he needed to do something drastic and needed a lifestyle change to lose weight. So being the dutiful wife, I accompanied him on his consult with Siraj. After his consult was over however, Siraj looked me in the eye and said “I’m more concerned about you”. I was so upset and just sat there fuming.
I decided fine I will accompany my husband and started Step 1.  It was not easy but through determination and perseverance, I had lost 5kg. I was so happy and impressed!!!. I then decided to join my husband with Step 2, 3 and 4 as cooking for two the same meal was so much easier. 

As we passed each Step, I was amazed at how the kilos just melted away and I started feeling lighter, my skin was glowing and I wasn’t feeling tired anymore. After Step 4, I had lost almost 13kgs. 

My husband had lost amazingly 17kg at Step 4 and we both were delighted and excited the way we looked and felt.  I then joined him on Shape Shifter 1 as I wanted to lose that extra weight for our upcoming High School 30th Reunion. The results were amazing and I had finally reached my goal weight.

So Alhumdulilah with Allah’s help, I met a wonderful person Siraj, who gave me that tough love and honesty that I needed to push me in the right direction to being a healthier, happier and thinner version of myself.  Jazakallah for all your help and support.
I have recommended DCP to many of my friends and will continue to recommend DCP as a Lifestyle Choice. Try it as you have nothing to lose but the weight."



Bibi Ayesha


"I was introduced to the DCP Programme by a relative. Having tried numerous other weight loss programmes without any success I was skeptical about the effectiveness of the DCP Programme. I was overweight and experiencing health issues so in a moment of desperation I went ahead and booked an appointment for the screening. Filled with doubt and desperation I decided that I had nothing to loose besides 9 days of my life and went ahead in ordering Step 1 of the DCP 'Go Alkaline' programme.


I took each day one step at a time. I followed my eating plan strictly. This was my last attempt at weight loss so I gave it may best. At the end of my 9 days (Go Alkaline Step 1 Premium Detox) I stepped on the scale to find a massive 6.2kg and 37cm of weight loss I had more energy and looked radiant and I knew that was the beginning of a huge transformation my life would undergo. From this point, I walked with increasing confidence down the path of weight loss.


The programme itself is sustainable and easy to follow. It’s been great to eat real, natural food that is quick to prepare. Losing 16kgs on the programme has increased by confidence and I feel so much better about myself.


I have a lot more energy to give my family and I feel fantastic. I have also joined the DCP as a distributor and I work at my home in Lenasia. I have serviced over 100 new clients and I am happy to report that they all have been successful on the Lady Alkaline Programmes."

Zaheera Bayat


Zaheera Bayat_edited.png

"Being a public influencer, my lifestyle insists that I attend many functions and charity events. That means looking and feeling my best all the time.

I connected with Fatima Cajee because it was the summer time and I wanted to embrace the new season losing a few kilos.

My DCP journey has been liberating, teaching me how to eat, what to eat, when to eat.Its a simple lifestyle, that has taught me to respect my food, my body and my mind!

I lost almost 8kg’s and I have never felt healthier or lighter from the inside out.

DCP is definitely the way to go.. fast, effective results from the first detox. A great way to detox and lose weight safely at the same time!"


After giving birth to my second daughter, I started losing my hair and was diagnosed with alopecia areata, a condition which left me where round irregular patches of hair were suddenly lost. Doctors couldn't give me reasons for this, but I was told that it could be due to breastfeeding. Although I had one small patch just above my ear, it bothered and scared me. I was then advised by a relative to do the DCP Health detox because in her words, 'it was not just a weight loss program but an overall health and healing program'. She couldn't have been more right. And so my journey with DCP Health began....


I met with Siraj and he immediately recognized that my liver needed detoxing.  I went on to do the 'Go Alkaline: Step 1 & Step 2' and although I did not have much weight to lose, I definitely was pleased with what I saw! I managed to fit into my pre pregnancy clothing! Which I never thought would happen!


After doing step 1 and 2, I was ready to receive my hair regrowth treatment from Siraj which worked wonders! I learnt so much from him and through my journey with DCP, I learnt that health and well-being is achieved through having respect for your body, treating it with care, making the right choices, taking advantage of our God given blessings and being aware of our environment.

The patch that had been troubling me was no longer a problem. All the hair grew back, my skin glowed, my energy levels were at an all time high and the bonus was that I lost a whole dress size! Which I hadn't expected to...

I have to say a BIG thank you to Siraj I have a whole new outlook on how food should be consumed, such that our health is never compromised.


DCP isn't just a weight loss program but an overall healthy lifestyle program that uses a holistic approach to healing your mind body and soul.


I am so impressed with the program, that I've become a distributor myself and hope to help many as I've been helped.


Thank you DCP!

Julia D - After.jpg

Julia Dijkhuis

My Transformation Story...

“Dear Siraj and Team DCP,

I just wanted to thank you for the life changing transformation I have experienced over the past few months – your program has been truly amazing - I feel so rejuvenated and energized as well as enthusiastic to keep doing my best in order to adhere to this healthy/alkaline way of living. I was determined to try and lose some of my excess weight gained over the past year or so, but did not anticipate that I would be completely weaned off my poor choices so quickly and easily – I have always been a chocoholic,  so had my doubts as to whether or not I would have the diligence to give it up completely and yet with the DCP eating plan – I have not even craved chocolate or sweets since I embarked on this wonderful lifestyle change.”

Ayesha & Huzaifa Bhyat


"My 17 year old son, Huzaifa, and I were both overweight. We were introduced to the DCP programme by a family member whose son had lost a whopping 25kg on programme.

In December 2017, we took the first step and we haven’t looked back since. Its been an amazing journey! In Step 1 of the Go Alkaline Programme my son lost 8.5kg and I lost 5.5kg. That was only the beginning of our journey. We were so enthralled by the loss of weight that it become an addition, almost.

After completing the Go Alkaline programmes Step 1 to 4 we went on to complete the Shape Shifter Programmes Steps 1 to 4 as well. Results were overwhelming! We didn’t only feel lighter, we felt healthier, rejuvenated, energised, and even our skin ton improved. Lethargy was a thing of the past. My son was once again bursting with energy. He was more confident, and his self esteem was amazing. This has been an unforgettable journey.

Thank you Mr. Siraj Quraishi and my distributor, Mrs. Fatima Lorgat and the DCP team for being there every step of the way. I am now convinced that “you are what you eat.” My son lost a total of 28kg and I lost 17kg. Recently, I went on the Ramadan Programme and once again, and lost another 4kg! I am now 21kg feeling lighter, healthier, and more energized.


I believe in the programmes and products so much I have recently become a distributor with DCP!"




"I was referred to DCP Health by a friend and being in the beauty industry, I needed a quick solution for reaching my goal weight. Because of my involvement in the industry I was always following the 'next best fad' diets on the market, which gave me a quick fix, but like any other 'fad' diet, the long-term effect was damaging my health.

Now after beginning on the DCP programme for just over a month, I have lost 8kg's! But it was not the weight loss that made me a believer but how much healthier my body has become and I am no officially the BIGGEST FAN! My skin problems cleared and I saw a dramatic decrease in cellulite. Also my energy levels are outstanding! I always felt okay, but now I feel amazing! No more drained and tired me!

All this is fantastic, but my greatest benefit I have gained is that I now know and understand how to eat my good correctly and not just eat for the sake of eating.

I will continue with DCP Health programmes for life as it has had a major impact on my living a balanced and healthy lifestyle!"



"Being a double cancer survivor and having gone through intensive chemo and radiation, it left my body feeling weak with countless side effects and inadvertently, extreme weight gain.

For the last 5 years, I felt helpless as I was void of energy, constant pain throughout my body and horrible mouth sores that wouldn’t let up. I tried many things to try to restore my body to as “normal” a state as possible to no avail. I came across, by chance, an ad for DCP and after googling their website, I decided to give it a try. I had tried everything else after all! 

Little did I know that this would transform my life in more ways than one ... My mouth sores dissipated, the pains and aches in my body disappeared, and my overall stamina and energy increased and added to this was the extra bonus of weight loss! I still have a bit to go in terms of weight loss but I am extremely motivated to continue as my brain fog disappeared and mental clarity increased. 

I feel alive, energetic and like I have my life back to spend quality time with my family and particularly my 9 year old son. And ... no more schedule 5 pain killers!!! Fatima Lorgat’s encouragement, support and overall cheerleading has given me more incentive to continue this journey and make me realize that DCP is a lifestyle change with delicious food! DCP has taught me to make healthier lifestyle choices all around.


Thanks again Fatima for being such an awesome pillar of positivity and resilience!"

Yasmin Khan


SABRINA is a distributor in Cape Town!

Contact:  074-255-7455 or

"Hi my name is Yasmin Khan, and I am 37 years old. I used to weigh 80kgs, and felt lethargic, exhausted, and miserable all the time. Being overweight, my self-esteem was low and stayed away from socializing… but this was an even of the past, not anymore.


I was introduced to the DCP Programme in September 2011, having tried many diet programmes which failed me miserably I was reluctant to go onto the DCP Programme. Nevertheless what attracted me to the programme was the introduction of food into my system and the whole rhythm of eating and drinking which was taking me back to basics. It took me back to the basics of chewing my food and drinking water on the hour, things that should have been instilled into us from early childhood.


I started the programme in September 2011 and in the matter of 10 days I had lost 5kg. Based on the success of the first 10 days where I had did the detox, I just wanted to go on, and then I followed the programme with the great assistance of the consultants and Siraj, I managed comfortable with no side effects.


In November, I had completed the detox soup, super detox, and weight off plan ending off on a weight of 59kgs. I also used the facial and rhe hair product of the DCP which I will definitely recommend it. With the facial, my skin has a constant glow. My hair used to fall and after using the hair product, my hair has actually thickened and no more hair loss. Yes! From 80kgs, I now weigh 59kgs, a toalt weight loss of 21kg and a total loss of 1.02m.


For me the most important thing is that I have been able to maintain the weight loss for the past 7 months on my own. Beside the weight loss my skin started glowing and everyone complimented me. Even my eczema is not problematic as is used to be. Where I used to visist my dermatologist every month I only visit him once every 3 months. I look and feel good after a very long time. I now eat my normal food but just maintain my portions and I have decided to also make healthy choices. I just don’t eat anything that tastes good on the pallet, but must be  healthy for me and skin as well.


No more headchaes and fatigue…I am what I eat…


Thank you to doctor Siraj for all the assistance, and his programme worth recognizing. All of his efforts is much appreciated."



"I have always battled with my weight as a young child, teenager, young adult and it only got worse after the birth of my two beautiful children.


For about 12 years now, I have struggled to lose weight; I have really tired all kinds of different plans and programs with any achieving to lose 2 kgs and only to pick this up very quickly.


My self esteem was also at its lowest before I started my journey of the biggest loser, I never enjoyed going out anywhere I always felt terribly over weight and not attractive. I would make all the excuses why I could not go out with friends, loved clothes but hated the way they looked on me when I tried them on.


My confidence was always very low. I have tried many different programme’s and nothing has ever given me such amazing results such as what Lady Alkaline has given to me in the last 4 months I have started the programme.


My smile is back, I have managed to lose 22kgs, my skin and body and my entire life has changed –I feel amazing, I love the programme.


The difference is also having a dedicated person like Sabrina checking up on us and providing support in those very weak moments. She offered me weekly hands on support and advice so you know that you have to be focused and diligent in each and every week.


I am constantly getting compliments from colleagues, friends and especially my family.


A very special thank you to Shell for putting together such a unique programme, the motivation of being the biggest loser has definitely paid off and this is a goal that I have worked hard to achieve.


The support I received was both exceptional and phenomenal.


They absolutely love the new Marice and I am very happy that I have been introduced to this new Lifestyle. Still working on ensuring that all the weight that I have lost remains just there and that is lost."




"Mr. Siraj Quraishi is an excellent asset to the DCP programme and company.Over the past three years I gained 10 kilograms. I had a baby in the interim and struggled to shed the "baby fat". When I began my journey with DCP I was reluctant and sceptical,as I tried many diets and weight loss techniques, none of which worked.


Mr. Quraishi guided me through the steps very patiently and always responded to my texts immediately. I was, and still am very impressed with his dedication as you do not find that these days.


The programme was challenging at times and took a great strain on my emotional state of mind. Mr. Quraishi eased me through the programme and was always positive and encouraging.


Mr Quraishi's knowledge of his product and his ability to match this with my specific needs made a huge difference in my weight loss programme. I have managed to loose my extra kilograms,but most importantly I was taught how to make good choices regarding food.


I would highly recommend Mr Quraishi as he is dedicated, courteous and very professional."




"I am Tommy Bezuidenhout and 41 years of age. 


Since a young age I struggled t lose weight and just could nt maintain my desired weight. I started experiencing health issues and an aching back was a daily occurence. 


I knew I had to do something to improve my health and I started with the 4 Step Detox, Size and Weight Loss Programme. 


Within the first week I lost  a total of 40.5 centimeters and 14 kilograms.


Within days I started feeling healthier and had much more energy than before. The best is that I had no side effects and is the case with mose other diets I unsuccessfully followed. 


I would most certainly recommend the 4 Step Detox, Size and Weight Loss Programme t anyone who is serious about losing weight and feeling healthier."

Haseena Motala

“All my life, I was that lucky girl that never had to worry about my weight… That’s why I found it very tough when I got sick at the age of 21, and was put on cortisone (steroid-based medication) and many other medications to treat my illness.  

The result was that the medication basically blew me up, not just in weight, but also in size! I gained a total of 20kg’s and was so unhappy and uncomfortable with my body. Having tried every diet in the country, I can safely say that the DCP Health plan is the only plan that helped me. I lost 18kg’s and the best part was that the weight stayed off, even now, years later. 

I am now 27 and this diet didn’t just help me lose weight, but more importantly, made me healthier! I am no longer on any chronic medications and I feel as good as new! I am a happier, healthier person!"



"My name is Naeem Arslan. I am 30 years old and have always struggled with my weight all my life. In January 2012, I visited a physician who diagnosed me with hytis hernia and was prescribed Tapzole to help with reflux. This was my ‘AHA!’ moment when I decided I need to make a change, not only a change with my weight, but also a change in lifestyle.


My wife overheard of a nutritionist, Siraj Quraishi of DCP Health, who has helped many to lose weight and she immediately contacted him. Around the same time, I had heard of the Greatest Loser and thought ‘why not?’. The cash prize was a huge incentive.


Siraj was my greatest inspiration. He was my guardian angel for the 12 weeks that were to follow. From weekly motivational sessions to daily BB messages, he helped me through it all. Had he not been by my side, my journey to shedding 17% body weight would have been a gigantic task.


During this time I had stopped taking Topzole and have had increased energy levels. My mum was my personal chef and catered for all my meals with much love. The greatest motivation was to look good and healthy for when my wife came back home after being overseas for 6 weeks. Her expression was priceless!


It was a wonderful experience and I look good and feel healthy, however, I still have another 20kg’s to lose and look forward to joining greatest loser again. Thank you to DCP, Siraj and The Greatest Loser."


"Hi... My name is Gina. I started the 'Go Alkaline' 4-Step Detox Size and Weight Loss Programme as I needed to become healthier as well as lose some weight. I was suffering from chronic joint pain, daily headaches, bordering on high blood pressure, problems breathing as I have a scarred lung, sleeplessness and depression. Most of my symptoms were due to my lupus. I also developed bad eating habits. I could not survive without painkillers and steroids.


I started the DCP 'Go Alkaline: Step 1' programme in mid-August 2015. After completion of 'Step 1', I can honestly say there was a significant change. I cut down drastically on painkillers, having better sleeps, no more headaches, with my blood pressure normalizing. A cough which I had since has gone away. I lost a good amount of weight as well and my eating habits have changed. I have become much more aware of healthier eating.

Several members of my family have been on this plan, as well as my son who is a medical doctor. All of them have seen great results and have recommended it to other people. I was so happy having tried several diet plans over the years and have never experienced this type of result.


Therefore, I would readily encouraged anyone to go onto this plan. It helps one to become healthier and disciplined. I feel like I have emerged into a whole new person..."

Yvonne & Benedict


YVONNE (Lost 20kg) & BENEDICT (Lost 13kg)

"Having battled for the last couple of years with excessive weight gain and a significant drop in self-confidence we decided to embark on this journey of fixing ourselves.


Yvonne had done this program through Siraj before and spoke very highly of it, I on the other hand was very dubious to its virtues and stubbornly refused to believe in its effectiveness... Well was I in for a surprise it actually worked beyond my expectations!


Yvonne being very self-assured on the principles of said detox had no problems with the slight adjustments in one’s lifestyle, I thought it would have been pure torture to switch to the healthy eating and cutting out the bad things. Much to my astonishment it was fairly easily adapted and till now the both of us eat pretty much the same way as on our pre detox during the week.(salads for lunch and minimal intake of glutens, foods with preservatives etc.)


Then came the part I dreaded, the week of juices...They taste very refreshing, and one’s appetite is supressed quite effectively, no energy loss or concentration problems, life carried on as per normal. Personally the biggest challenge was the physically eating part (having my jaws move, chew) By the second and half day I adapted to the juice intake 3 times a day.


One simply sees the kilograms melt away, and feels the difference in one’s body. My aches and pains I experienced on my joints due to being slightly overweight started fading too.I felt more manoeuvrable and my physical being just had this ‘bright’ edge to it.


And the same went for Yvonne, she was beautiful to start with and just transformed from a stunning woman into a goddess of epic beauty. Her personality enhanced to degrees of incomprehensive self-assuredness and strong carriage.


We can with the utmost certainty vouch for this programs effectiveness and thank Siraj for this wonderful miraculous way to healthily loss of weight and gain back ones person.


Benedict’s weight loss in two weeks - 120kg to 107kg…

Yvonne’s weight loss in two weeks – 102kg to 92kg


Thank you - Yvonne & Benedict"

Bhavesh & Sheetal


"After trying numerous diets and detoxes I had given up on trying to lose weight, after I had lost a lot of weight a number of times before only to gain it back again. I reached a point of absolute despair blaming it on my thyroid condition. In December 2014, I decided to change my lifestyle and not only to lose weight. I mentioned I wanted to do something and I was refferred to DCP HEALTH.


I did some research on the internet and was impressed with what I read... then I spoke with someone who was on the programme... that just sealed it... I made a decision immediately to do in for a consult and start. My husband was horrified as we were due to leave on holiday in 2 weeks, that didn't deter me I booked for both of us. After meeting Siraj and sitting down with him and letting him explain his programme to us we knew we were on the right path. My husband couldn't wait to start the programme.


We both found our self-confidence growing just after the first step where lost 8kg's and 42cm (size loss) and I lost just over 6kg's and 36cm's (size loss)... from then it's been a lifestyle change for both, myself and my husband, with such wonderful results. My husband Bhavesh lost 25kg's to date and loads of cm's and he has moved from a XXL to a Medium now. I've also seen spectacular results. For us we believe it's not just about weight loss, it's a lifestyle change that will keep the weight off and keep you feeling spectacular... inside and out.


THANK YOU SIRAJ... Your help in our journey has been so greatly appreciated by us there are no real words that can describe our gratitude.





KHALID - Lost 7kg & 6" in 18 Days -

"My name is Khalid Cajee and I am 36 years old.  My story is not one of a radical transformation but of a healthy transformation with great weight loss and size reduction in my problem areas.  I have been an avid sportsman throughout my life and have continuously led an active lifestyle, however due to increasing work commitments, the time and energy for exercise gradually became less.  I subsequently gained 10 kilograms of weight and grew 8 inches around my waist.  More importantly was the increase in my cholesterol to dangerous levels where medication was required, and the development of a consistent lower back pain which decreased my mobility due to the stresses on my vertebrae.


I was in pain, overweight and overall miserable when a family friend introduced me to Siraj and the DCP programme.  After doing steps 1 and 2, I had lost a total of 7 kilograms and 6 inches in 18 days.  My back pain has disappeared and the cholesterol levels are now within the healthy range.

I feel healthy, vibrant, energetic and overall amazing.  Siraj’s continuous support was motivating and inspiring, with whom I would not have been able to achieve these fantastic results and make the lifestyle changes required to ensure success.


A big thank you to my amazing wife who did the programme with me as a supporter so I would not feel isolated when following the steps.  She incidentally lost 8 kilograms and 6 inches as well.


It was a worthwhile experience and I could not have done it without DCP and SIraj’s personal and unwavering support.


Thank You."



"Before I started the DCP weight loss program I never thought it was possible to lose weight. I was so unhappy with my weight gain after the birth of my daughter. I tried to lose the weight on my own and even joined the gym with no success.


With DCP, I have lost the weight (10+kg's) and feel really good about myself. My husband, family and friends have seen not only a physical change, but also a change in my attitude towards 'everything'.


The programme has really changed my life for the better.


I will most definitely recommend it to anyone that is looking for a healthy, sage way to lose weight. Thanks for everything."


With the utmost of appreciation,



Amina Moosa Laher

"Hi... I am Amina Laher from Amina's Dermal Clinic for Health & Wellness... I practice aesthetics, hair laser removal, laser firming facials, as well as a number of other treatments that are holistic techniques in alternative healing that I have been practicing for the last 23 years. Being a therapist and being exposed to the needs of people, I say the service DCP Health offers is the perfect system!


Thank you to the DCP Team and Siraj Quraishi!


I have referred over 100 clients and the feedback from everyone who did the DCP programmes was that they were extremely happy and satisfied with their results. I am truly amazed at the 100% results received from observing the weight loss, emotional well-being and energy upliftment of my clients. I can relate as being a client myself and experiencing the immense changes and energy upliftment through the detox and correct plan of eating. I love the lifestyle choices and health management! I now practice an even healthier lifestyle and am always correcting even further.


I truly recommend this system to anyone wanting to improve their well-being and good looks. You will look amazing, glowing, stunning and will feel energetic! For a fifty-year old woman... I feel twenty!


I recommend for anyone to TRY IT!

All you have to lose is weight!"



"My tale is one that many individuals can relate to. In the past I tried several weight loss programmes that constantly failed me. Then my sister-in-law told me about the Detox and Cleansing Programme (DCP). She’d just completed the programme and she looked amazing. I felt quite determined and motivated to start.


After my first visit to Siraj Quraishi, there was no turning back! I undertook this adventurous journey to weight loss and health with a close friend. I thoroughly enjoyed every step on this programme and looked forward to the next one. After just a few days on the programme, I felt healthier and more energetic. After 3 months I lost 17kg and 113cm! I am a new person. With Siraj’ s support and guidance I felt determined to reach my goal. I learnt to make good food choices and enjoy them. To anybody wanting to lose weight or simply opting for a healthier lifestyle, I would highly recommend DCP.


Thank-you Siraj"




"This has been an incredible programme for me. I wasn't just interested in weight loss but I wanted to feel healthier and more youthful and more energised. I achieved all of these things and so much more. I found a programme that has proven to be effortless for me. I love the food I eat, I enjoy preparing it and when a meal is over I am satisfied and content.


I was a coffee junkie (4- 5 cups a day)... Now I might have 1 cup in a week. I have weaned myself off all sugar and artificial sweeteners. As well as caffeine!


I feel healthy, I look healthy and I have a far healthier relationship with food. I eat to satisfy my hunger and not my emotions.


Honestly, I wish I had found this programme earlier in my life... Siraj is amazing and ever willing to take phone calls and support his participants in this programme.


Thank you so much for all our help... you made this so much easier. I lost 6.5kg's and about 80cm in all. I have maintained my weight and my centimetre loss since July 2015 when I started this programme.







"DCP - an amazing, healthier and quicker way of cleansing your body and losing weight.


I have lost 18kg and dropped almost 3 dress sizes in about 2.5 months (I was weighing 80kg when i started with DCP).


My body feels so cleansed with my energy boosted up to another level. I used to get tired very easily and had frequent headaches for years before I joined DCP and now they are gone magically. I would say weight loss is just a bonus on top of these other benefits and how good i feel about my body.


I had severe hyperhidrosis ever since i can remember and now intensity has reduced to 50% and that means a lot to me.


Finally, To SIRAJ, the man behind miracles, a very big thank you for being patient with me and helping me all the way to reach my goal weight.


I strongly recommend DCP weight loss programme to anyone who wants to go through thorough cleansing and lose weight.


Thanks & Regards,


Chantal Lascaris

"I have always been interested in food and health and have tried many diets and programmes over the years. Some have worked for awhile, whilst others, just well, weren’t worth all the effort required.


I travel a lot and with this kind of lifestyle it’s hard to keep to routines which means that the first thing to suffer is your diet and exercise regime. Even though I understand and know all about the importance of eating and living well, life tends to get in the way and before I knew it, an extra kilo or two had crept in around my waist and thighs.


That’s when I met Sabrina Ganter who introduced me to DCP. Sabrina is an inspiration who understands and believes passionately in this healthy weight loss programme.


I believe in eating regularly and healthily and DCP believes in this too. So it felt right to try their programmes. Everyone is different so there are different plans that will be recommended for you, depending on your needs. I have tried most of them, with great results, but the one that worked the best for me is the Shape Shifter programme which I absolutely loved!


At the time I was also struggling with high acidity so this was perfect for me as it naturally alkaline’s the body. Best of all, I didn’t find it too difficult to complete, although the detoxing is a little stressful, but well worth the results. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. No more acid reflux and chronic indigestion. After the programme I no longer needed my anti-acid medication. My skin looked amazing, I had extra energy and I lost the weight and centimetres I wanted to.


You’re guided through their programme and it’s easy to follow, with step by step instructions. You’re even provided with some recipes that I found tasty and easy to prepare.


So whether you have many kilos to lose or only a few, DCP will help you on that journey."


Fawzia Mia

"Two months ago when my dad asked me if I had heard of Siraj Quraishi, a nutritionist in Robertsham..... I said no and thought to myself, "Not another fad diet! " I decided to go along and hear what its all about. Having studied basic nutrition at college, I knew that what I was hearing was a sensible approach to weight loss and regaining your health.


In 7 weeks, I am half way to my goal weight. I have lost 9 kgs and 55.5cm, I feel lighter and healthier, my skin is clearer and brighter, I no longer experience heartburn, the swelling in my ankles is gone and my fingers are no longer as stiff and painful as they used to be, in fact most days my fingers are pain free.


For once I can say its not another fad diet, but rather a change in lifestyle and the way I view food......


A huge Thank you to uncle Siraj and DCP Health for helping me regain my health, my body and my youth!"

Abdul Hamied Rawoot

"My name is Abdul Hamied Rawoot. I am 21 years old and have always struggled with my weight. Ive tried many different fat burners, diets and eating plans but I could never lose weight. I was about to give up trying and then I heard about Siraj Quraishi’s detox & cleansing program. At first I thought it was just going to be another failed attempt but I had nothing to lose so I just gave it a shot. I had contacted Siraj to get advice on a balanced diet to give me the nutrition I needed in process to help shed the extra weight.


After the 1st and 2nd step of the cleansing program, I lost 5kgs and was extremely impressed. I have never felt this good considering I’m usually very tired and lethargic throughout the day but starting the cleansing program I felt a big difference. Even after only the 1st step of the diet, I could feel a huge difference in my energy levels and my health in general.


My mother who also began the program with me couldn’t lose weight at all due to medical reasons, but surprisingly she lost 4kgs during the first 2 steps of the diet and we were both very impressed. On top of my mother losing the weight she also found that she felt healthier as she was on chronic medication for allergies for the past 25 years, but ever since she started the detox she slowly became less dependent on her medication and has now stop the medication completely.


The 1st step has made me very eager to finish the detox as I have lost weight as well as centimeters on parts of my body. Siraj was always there to motivate you whenever you needed help and it would not have been able to do it without his help.


I would definitely recommend this detox plan to everyone who is not only trying to lose weight but also trying to live a better and healthier lifestyle."



"Hi... My name is Maggie Lindeque and I’m 60 years old! Being an estate agent and working with the wider community, I always need to look my very best! My face is my ad out there!


I have been overweight for years and have been trying any diet programme or detox advertised to lose my extra weight, only to lose some weight and then gain it all back on in a much shorter time!


With one of my appointments, I noticed one of my friends that lost a lot of weight (15kg) and on complimenting her looking so great she said that I must also make an appointment with Siraj at DCP Health.


That’s where my journey started with the most humble man I could think of!

I met with Siraj, and he explained what the programme could offer me – a new you!

I joined in on the programme and in a matter of weeks shifted so much weight and centimetres that the compliments just keep on rolling in!

After each section of the programme, I lost a substantial amount of weight and centimetres, I feel great and the effect is showing on my face, hair, nails and body. Not to mention that the energy levels are extremely high and you look and feel healthy! No more hunger pains to work through, only healthy fruit, veggies and proteins to round it all off! – A well balanced program of food choices to follow and tastes great! I love the lifestyle choices and health management! The detox solutions you get on the program is a big plus and you also realise the importance of drinking enough water!


I like the fact that you need to weigh and measure yourself because DCP believes this journey is your choice and your decision. You see the centimetres melt away as the scale keeps on moving downwards! It inspires you so much that there is no stop!  You want to follow program after program and the results are visible every time!


Siraj keeps you motivated and are always there for you! DCP’s program helped me to achieve all of what I ever wanted.

I recommend / challenge anyone to TRY IT!All you have to lose is weight - And most important – centimeters! Thank you Siraj and DCP Health for helping me reaching and fulfilling my dream! You took my hand on this journey!"


"After having gained so much weight after the birth of my children, I started to lose hope of ever losing the weight. With nothing left to lose but the extra kilograms, I decided to try the DCP Health Programmes.


It was an exciting but anxious time. I started Step 1 of the DCP Lady Alkaline series, not knowing what to expect. I was afraid the programme would not work for me or that I would be hungry and having cravings. But with determination and perserverance, Step 1 was enlightening and a truly rewarding experience. I lost 5kg without feeling hungry as my body got everything it needed. I felt great with so much energy and most importantly I had the drive to continue my new eating style. The programmes encouraged me and my family to eat better and live better.


I was ecstatic about feeling so good and the programme working so well that I wanted to be involved to help others. I contacted Siraj and I am now a DCP Distributor for the Pretoria area and am looking forward to building with this great team providing life-changing products. I'm excited to help others with the DCP Programmes as they helped me...






SHANTAL - Lost 28kg -

"If you are reading this testimonial, you are on the verge of giving yourself the best gift you could ever give yourself, the gift of good health.


My name is Shantal, for the better part of the last 18 years I struggled with my weight. This was mostly attributed to medication and bad eating habits. Needless to say I have tried and tested most diets which often yielded the results I wanted but it was always short lived, often putting on more weight than before.


In the beginning of every program you are told what your goal weight should be and it is a natural reaction is to think that is impossible so you give up before even starting. It is my belief when your mind, body and soul are ready to commit to the journey there is no turning back , even if there are setbacks.


I have never gotten to my goal in all my previous weight loss attempts. This (as many of you would know) impacts you emotionally. I never truly understood the meaning of love yourself or experienced loving myself because of the weight and if that is not bad enough, even society can be very superficial and this is very difficult for people who are overweight to take in that negativity. Each one of you is a beautiful being who just needs a bit of help to sparkle. If you are at that point where you are unhappy with your body and truly want to make the long overdue change, I guarantee it would be the best decision you make.


On joining the DCP program I didn’t know what to expect nor did I think this would be the time that I would finally get my health and body restored to the way it should be. Siraj, changed my life and this was a very overwhelming for me. Not liking being the centre of attention, I constantly have people saying they had to look twice to see if it’s me. I chose to use this as an opportunity to help those who are where I was when I started my journey in the hope of helping someone make a difference in their life. This program has given me a clean bill of health, I have been taken off most of my medication and I feel energized all the time."


"I approached DCP health because at the age of 35, I had too many ailments with my body due to being 30kgs overweight. 


Siraj helped me by having an in depth conversation about my body and what I had done to it. He advised me on the beginning of the process to get back to my old self. 


The results were beyond phenomenal and he was with me throughout my journey. 


The one thing I liked was the weekly weight loss which motivated me to keep going as well as the feeling of feeling 'lighter'. I found the experience to be a challenge with great rewards. Hard work pays off!


I would recommend the program to anybody with any ailment, as the program is not only weight loss, it's a cleanse which all bodies need.


Nothing feels as good as looking good feels."



"My amazing journey began with DCP as a client over 5 years ago.  I was getting extremely desperate for answers; nothing I was doing was assisting me with my problem. I was gaining weight on a daily basis; cellulite was at its all time worst.


Doctors couldn’t help and the frustration was becoming too much. I was introduced to Siraj, owner of DCP. In 9 days my life went from being; fat, frustrated, lethargic to a glowing woman which was now 6kg and 90cm less. 


Siraj was my hero!

Owning my own fitness and weight loss business made me curious about this program for my clients. How could I not introduce them to such amazing results in such short period of time.  I started understanding product more and integrated DCP with Body Mosaic. It has been over 5 years since this journey and now over 300 hundred clients that I have assisted all with amazing results. This makes my heart sing with joy!

Reducing body fat and size is 10% exercise and 90% diet. In the knowing of this and trusting of DCP I have made a bold and exciting decision to focus only on DCP. The results speak for themselves. Working to assist people to healthy version of themselves is the most rewarding job and now knowing I can commit 100% gives me confidence that I can even help more people on the road to health & wellbeing.

I love the hands on approach. Want to meet everyone I am dealing with and really love the counselling and mentoring which comes naturally to me. All programs are emotional journey and knowing you have the support makes this journey even more possible!

“Loving the World back to Health”





"Being diagnosed with PCOS , I had put on weight steadily for about 8 years. The first 3 years I had consoled myself by blaming my recent pregnancy, but even after going to gym 6 days a week, breastfeeding and the numerous fad diets I had intermittent success (losing a few kg's) only to put it all back on again.

Falling hair, bat wing arms and the floaters around my hip, I struggled to hide my lumps amd bumbs behind carefully selected clothes. In early 2016 I curiously followed a friend's post on Facebook and discovered she had lost a whopping 9kg in 11days and I brushed it aside... Thinking "another fad diet". But she kept it off... And I was intrigued.

 Having a background in health and beauty... My curiosity led me to DCP where I arrived at my appointment charged with questions... I was not alone that day. I took my cavalry (of a few family members) and a life changing journey began. For me as an individual... For us as a family. I wish we had taken a family pic that day! I had the least to lose I thought! Just 5kg! By day 4 of my 1st programme, I had lost 2.5kg. By day 11, the number was now 6.3kg lost. I couldn't believe it... I even went out and bought another scale just in case I was fooling myself. The scale was  right! I was excited! I lost a chin! I discovered a waistline! By Step 2 of The Go Alklaine Programme, I was over the moon... Another 2kg loss!

By Step 3... I was up to 9.4kg lost... Could I stop here?

Hell no! By this time I was accustomed to my new way of eating and my sugar cravings disappeared. Foods I thought I could never live with out (pasta, chips and afternoon teatime) became incidental... Now here I am.

As I write, it is 6months later and I weight 16.4kg less than I did at the beginning of this journey! Never would I have imagined that I could wear a belt around my waist or a size S again. Yes, I've lost alot of weight but more so I look and feel great... But the greatest achievement in the whole process was that I finally learned to care for myself and to love myself... I finally did something for me...


Thank you Siraj and DCP for your amazing programmes, the support and the encouragement."


"I have always considered myself to be a healthy person, I have always been a good athlete and have participated in sporting activities my entire school and adult life. 

I have never battled with my weight and have never dieted, but just always followed a healthy lifestyle.I had my first child at 35 and second at 37.  I weighed 66kgs before falling pregnant with my first child and 67kgs after my second.  I was happy.

In January 2016, I was doing my annual “detox” to recover from the festivities of the December holidays, and a friend suggested I give the DCP Health Detox programme a try. So I did. 

Within the first few days, I was addicted to how good I felt.  Having not slept properly in 3 years since having children, I was always tired and sluggish.  I had energy, but was not energetic as I always used to be.  Before I had completed the pre-detox I was hooked.  I felt amazing, my skin was getting clearer every day, I felt alive and clear, and as the weight dropped off, I felt like I could concur the world.  I lost 10% of my body weight in the 21 days and I felt great.  Everyone told me I couldn’t possible sustain losing 10% of my body weight. 

It has now been a full 12 months and I have sustained my weight at 61kg.  I feel wonderful and I have DCP Health to thank, for giving me that little boost my body needed.

I believe so much in this programme, that I am now a proud DCP distributor!"



"My husband, Haroen, was a chronic diabetic for 25 years. In the beginning of 2016 when he got back from pilgrimage (Umrah) he ended up in hospital. As a result he was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes which meant that he had to be on insulin for the rest of his life.

I could see where my husband was heading to as my late Dad was also diabetic. Going to doctors every month, doctors experimenting with him. Putting him on one insulin to the next and it was a no win situation.

Finally a family member informed us of Siraj and the DCP Programme. In no time we set up an appointment with him. He has been our pillar of strength through our journey, guiding us through every step. I really wanted to assist my husband in leading a healthier, happier life and so I joined him on his journey.

The day I started with the ‘Body Test’ programme, it was a real challenge for me. But I was prepared to persevere. I had to give my husband all the support he needed. I listened very carefully to Siraj when we went for our first appointment. I was now convinced to undertake this journey with full determination and perseverance.

I studied the books extremely carefully and followed diligently. We achieved great results each week! My husband lost 20kg in 2 months and I had lost 11kg.

The most important thing that I found was that Haroen was on four different kinds of insulin (Humalog, Optisulin, Apidra & Victoza) when we initially started with DCP. His sugar levels were fluctuating drastically after sitting with Siraj and learning about how to cook and eat healthy, he is now only taking one type of insulin, once a day! Also not forgetting how immensely I have benefitted from DCP. I found I had actually become more alert and more focused. I also felt more rested at night. As a result I slept better and felt rejuvenated in the morning.

After being with DCP, I can easily see why they say, ‘You are what you eat’.

I found the programme to be very informative and only learned more about why we use certain foods. Also what the beneficial values of each ingredient that goes into the recipes are. This impressed me tremendously as now I felt I was cooking with a purpose. To rejuvenate both my husband and I to a healthier, happier, more meaningful life."- Zainaib



"I did the DCP Health programme as a support partner to my husband, Khalid, who needed to drastically reduce his cholesterol and minimize lower back pain due to the pressure caused by stress on the vertebrae.  I had researched the programme with him, which we were introduced to by a family friend and was confident that it would be beneficial to him.  I was not expecting any dramatic effects but was extremely surprised at my results within 9 days of finishing Step 1.  Throughout my entire programme of 3 Steps, I lost the easiest 8 kilograms and 6 inches ever! 

It was an immensely satisfying journey of cleansing and detoxifying, which assisted me in getting rid of all the bad eating habits and feeling the positive change in my physique, such as increased energy levels and a revitalized body, was rewarding. 

The satisfaction of obtaining results in just 9 days from doing step 1 motivated me to do steps 2 and 3 in an effort to reach my goal weight.  Standing on the scale daily and literally seeing the kilograms disappear as well as feeling the centimeter loss from my clothes was an absolute thrill.

Incidentally, Khalid lost 7 kilograms and 6 inches through Step 1 and 2.  His cholesterol levels reduced drastically and his back pain was gone.

DCP has given me a whole new outlook on healthy living for which I will always be grateful to Siraj.  His continued support and advice throughout my 3 tier journey will always be appreciated.  Furthermore, I’d like to add that DCP is a great way to living healthy.

I will most definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a healthy, enjoyable and sustainable way to lose weight."



"I was introduced to DCP Health through a friend. We had not seen each other for about 6 months and I was astonished by her transformation in that short period of time. Having known my struggle with weight loss over the years, she was eager to share her “secret” with me.


 Since completing Step 1 and 2, I have lost 6kg and plenty more centimeters. Not only has my self-confidence been boosted but I feel energetic and also have a renewed love for going to the gym. One of the best feelings is having to put on that dress that you kept in the back of your closet in the hope that it would one day fit, and now, not only does it fits, but it looks great on you.


Having found a program that works and is not difficult to follow, I believe that it is my duty to “Pay it forward”, to help those, who, like me, has struggled to loss the weight and keep it off!

It’s amazing to see that once you take it back to that basics of “What” and “How” you eating, you will see results.


Motivation is what gets you started, commitment is what keeps you going. So, while I may not be at my goal weight as yet, I know that with Siraj in my corner, I am much closer today than I was before my DCP journey."



"Hi, my name is Jenine and I’m 35 years old. I used to weigh 85kg. I hated shopping and looking at myself in the mirror. I constantly felt lethargic and miserable and had undiagnosed swelling in my left ankle.

I’d heard about the DCP programme from my Beautician/ DCP Distributor and thought I’d give it a try. Well, I’m not sorry! I am most impressed by the programme and results. The meals are delicious!

I started with my weight loss journey late February 2017.  I lost 6kg in the first 10 days of Step 1 of the Go Alkaline programme. I was very excited about my weight loss and decided to go onto the next step (Step 2 – Go Alkaline)…here I lost another 2.5kg. On step 3, another 2.5kg. After seeing such success I most certainly was not going to stop here. I then went on to Steps 1 & 2 of the Shape Shifter programme and lost another 3kg. In total I now have lost a whopping 14kg! I look and feel great and have been receiving many compliments. I feel healthier, my skin looks clearer and brighter, I don’t crave junk food any longer, I no longer suffer with heartburn and swollen ankles and have so much energy! I will not stop here though. I’ve not yet reached my goal weight, but having seen my success thus far, I have much faith in the DCP programmes and more so, I have more faith in myself...


I would highly recommend DCP Health to anyone who is looking to live a healthier lifestyle and or lose weight.

A big thank you to the team from Durban (Haseena, Deshani and Fatima) for being so supportive!"



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My na"me is Sauda and I am 35 years old.


Before I started DCP I was 7kgs over weight, had adult acne, was depressed and very overwhelmed having moved from Cape Town.


When I started DCP, I saw results within the first few days which was a great start to my healthy weight loss journey. I lost the weight, my skin cleared up, and I started sleeping better.  I became more confident and happy, and even started making new friends.


Not only did the DCP Health programme help me lose weight and eat healthy, but it encouraged me to be more positive and remove all toxic people from my life. This program helped my mind, body and soul.


Thank you DCP team. You saved me.


Sauda Rawat"

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